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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Artistian Bill Ludlow (Woodturner) Exhibit here at Green Wolf's Village Barn

Join us December 4th though December 17th
for our featured artist...

Bill Ludlow

About the Artist

I have been turning since August of 2005. I remember the date because turning has changed my way of thinking. I now realize how important it is to actively pursue things that give me pleasure in life. Since my retirement, I have received instructions from a world renowned turner/carver. I have also joined the “Bucks County Woodturners” and the “American Association of Woodturners.”

From the moment when I realized I could turn, I became feverent about pursing the hobby. (“Hobby?”) When you totally enjoy something it does become all consuming.

Turning wood gives me a great sense of gratification. You start out with a chain saw and a log and after 15 minutes or so you have it ready to mount on the lathe. Of course this is just the first step because after you remove about 90% of its mass, you have to allow it to “Cure” (dry) for about 90 days. During this time it moves about and gets rid of any stress and most fo the moisture that is in it. THEN you can start to work about finishing the shape of your bowl or vessel. Usually after 90 days, I forget what I had in mind for it but it always works out for the best.

Many of my turnings were designed to become heat for someone’s fireplace. (If they brake on the lathe, the still provide warmth for someone). I never get upset when a piece fails. First, I am always grateful I didn’t get hurt and more importantly I consider it a learning experience and take something away from it.

To sum it up briefly, I’d say:

“I never met a piece of wood I didn’t like.”

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