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Monday, December 14, 2009

Artist Molly Light Exhibit here at Green Wolf's Village Barn

Join us December 18th though December 30th
for our featured artist...

Molly Light

About the Artist

Artist’s Statement: “Ever since childhood, I have taken particular delight in observing the natural phenomena around me. Different places can inspire a variety of emotions and associations, from pleasure and comfort, to drama and conflict. It is at once humbling and inspiring, challenging and exhilarating to convey these impressions through my images.

Adept in several mediums, I enjoy the freedom of having options on how to express my artistic vision. Each circumstance evokes a particular kind of response, from impressionistic landscape, to abstract painting and mixed media, to nature photography. I’m constantly experimenting with how to capture the essence of a convey what it feels like to be there...rather than just the fleeting surface appearance. When nature gives me an “aha!” moment, I can’t help but try to share it with others.”

Critic’s Quote: “Light’s mixed media and pastel landscapes...focus on the power, beauty and strength of nature and this characteristic gives them a religious aura. They seem like silent visual prayers about the natural landscape.” — Rita Beyer, Chestnut Hill Local

Education has included:
- Moore College of Art
- Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
- Harvard University
- Hartford College of Art, University of Hartford

One Woman Shows have included:
- Harleysville Savings Bank, Royersford, PA Branch
- Buckwalter Galleries, LTD., Malvern, PA
- Unitarian Universalist House, Philadelphia, PA
- Schuylkill Valley Center for Environmental Education, Andorra, PA
- Cathedral Village, Andorra, PA
- Lutheran Theological Seminary, Mt. Airy, PA
- ATD American Corporation, Jenkintown, PA

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