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Thursday, October 23, 2014

FIRST FRIDAYS in Skippack Village: Artist Michael Cavallaro / Gallery Opening Reception / November 7th, 2014

Artist Michael Cavallaro

“Art is meant to be felt as well as seen. If you take the time to gaze at the art you find here then let your mind go and take a sensually visual adventure on each canvas, you will feel the magic of each piece. They are filled with texture, color and inner sensory awakenings.

Every piece is spontaneous and intuitive. I also do custom pieces where I tune into the individual who commissioned it and interpret the energy and feeling I get onto the canvas with color and texture.

Painting for me is about expansion, being outside the box, feeling and bringing the unknown to the known. Each piece is its own unique manifestation of invisible creative energy into the visible that excites the senses.”

What is art to me?
“Art is creation! Anything and everything you create should be considered an art. This includes your life as a human being. Being here on earth, we must ‘Master the Art of Being Human’  If you look at your human life as an art form and know that you are here to create a thing of beauty, this will give you a different perspective on life.

Art in the traditional sense such as painting, pastels, sculpting, glassblowing etc. is also a creation. It is in my opinion that this type of art however is merely an expression of your human artistry. It is a way of expressing in multiple mediums the beauty of your inner experience, your vision or your inner connection to the realms of creation unknown to the average person or even your conscious mind. So whether you do “art” or are “Mastering the Art of Being Human” know that everything in your life is a form of art and a work of beauty.”

Opening Reception:   November 7, 2014, 5 – 10pm
Show Dates:  November 7 – 29, 2014

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