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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Artist Janice L. Freytag Exhibit here at Green Wolf's Village Barn

Join us October 23rd though November 5th

for our featured artist...

Janice L. Freytag

Meet Janice Freytag this Saturday afternoon October 24th or join us in the evening from 6pm -8pm for a reception!

About the Artist

Janice currently lives in Souderton, although she has lived and worked in the Philippines, Guatemala, Croatia and Bosnia. After returning from a particularly stressful time in Bosnia, she became more serious in her artistic pursuits. She was first introduced to printmaking at Montgomery County Community College in 2001, and has been hooked ever since. “Printmaking is very process-oriented, with many variations of technique. My prints are as much about the process of printmaking as they are about the final product. When I am working on creating prints, I am not thinking about making a statement. Rather, I am conducting an experiment. How can I achieve a certain effect? What will happen if I do this? For me, creating prints is like playing chess; I think about how my current move will affect the plate and print two or three steps down the road.”

Janice’s work has been shown in local venues such as the Indian Valley Public Library, Indian Valley Family YMCA, Peter Becker Community, Oktoberfest in Ambler, Ambler’s Art-in-the-Storefront, Westminster Seminary, and the Conshohocken Art League. She has won prizes at Montgomery County Community College (2004, 2006, 2009), Lansdale Festival of the Arts (2006, 2007), and Branch Creek Community Church Community Art Show and Peach Festival (2005, 2006).

In addition to her pursuits in visual arts, Janice has published numerous award-winning poems and has written and directed two children’s musicals.

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