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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

FIRST FRIDAYS in Skippack Village: ARTIST - JoAnn Moy / Gallery Opening / November 1st, 2013

Artist JoAnn Moy

Statement:  I think of objects in terms of their form as well as their function; breaking items down into shape and color, subtle gradients and contrasting shades. I seek to explore edges and the shadows they can create. Often when I think of what might live on my next canvas, I first look at the shadows. The shadows are as alive as the plants and flowers you will find in some of my work.

I build up tactile layers of paint gradually, while building up visual layers between foreground and background. Beginning with thin washes of oil color, turpentine and linseed oil, I sketch out the subject matter keeping in mind that one thing’s configuration affects another’s shape and shadows. The process has to be amorphic in that there is no one single path. As the piece grows with each level the image become more intelligible. My goal though is not to be photographic, but rather impressionistic.

My intention is to open a visual communication between myself and you, the viewer; I want to keep you engaged and your imagination active. Ultimately you will become a collaborator in the work as your ideas about my art develop and grow.

A gallery opening reception will be held on November 1st from 5 - 9pm during
First Fridays in Skippack.  For past, current, and future art exhibitions, click here.

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