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Monday, August 3, 2015

Skippack Event Calendar: Artist Molly Light | First Friday Gallery Opening Reception - August 7th 2015

skippack first friday art gallery opening

Artist Molly Light
Watercolor / Mixed Media

“Ever since childhood, I have taken particular delight in observing natural phenomena in the world around me. Different places can suggest a variety of emotions and associations, from serenity to dramatic intensity, from intimacy to grand majesty. For me it is at once challenging and exhilarating to convey these impressions.

www.greenwolfsvillagebarn.comEach environment inspires a particular kind of response. I’m constantly experimenting with how to evoke the essence of a convey what it feels like to be there... rather than simply describing the surface appearance. I’m impelled to capture the moment when nature makes me say, “Ahah!”

Sometimes I’ll gain inspiration from a scene and wait until I’m in my studio to process what I’ve seen. The majority of my abstract compositions come forth in this way. Abstract content encourages me to follow the most uninhibited exploration of each medium’s unique qualities. Not one to stay stuck in one way of doing things; I enjoy the freedom to choose from several different mediums to express my vision. The creative process is a joyous path of discovery and pushing beyond the boundaries of the familiar.

skippack first friday art gallery openingFor instance, I’ve heard many comments by painters who are afraid of watercolors because its fluid nature can seem so hard to control. It is quite e
asy to make mud and to end up with “unhappy” accidents. However, I love to explore these very qualities of watercolors that scare others away. Practicing a Zen-like consciousness of being in the moment, I push wetness to the extreme...deftly applying brush strokes and color based on the different stages of wetness or dryness of the painting. I fearlessly challenge watercolors to express their true potential for luminous and intense color.

Interestingly, the abstract explorations have translated back into freer techniques with my impressionistic landscapes. This is why I continue to paint and exhibit both abstracts and landscapes...they are all part of the same process of celebrating nature, expressing my passion for color and sharing positive, healing energy!"

Opening Reception:  August 7, 5 – 10pm (First Friday)
Show Dates:  August 7 -30, 2016

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